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Elkhart Supply Corporation

1126 Kent Street

Elkhart Indiana 46514

(574) 264-4156

(800) 456-ESCO


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Elkhart Supply Corporation was founded in 1949 by Lowell and Lucille Shaum.  As an electrical wholesaler, the business began to grow in the contractor, industrial and MH/RV market.

Still in need of more space for storage, in 1964 ESCO moved to the empty Riblets Manufacturing building which is behind our present location. By 1986 ESCO needed more space again which created the new building on Kent Street.


On May 1, 1982, Lowell Shaum, Chairman of the Board, died following an extended illness. It was a great loss to the company, but those that worked under Lowell learned well. Many of his ideas, his business philosophy and management policies, proved strong and are carried on by his sons: Gary Shaum, President of Shaum Electric Company, Inc., and Lewis Shaum, President of Elkhart Supply Corporation. Lucille Shaum remained active with the companies in the management and accounting areas. Retiring from business on December 31, 1985, she served as a consultant and director on the board until her passing on August 21, 2008.

With the hard work of the founders and the continuing dedication from employees, Elkhart Supply will continue to prosper and develop.

ESCO Building Front

Our current location at 1126 Kent Street in Elkhart, Indiana.

AI Manufacturing

AI Manufacturing, established in 1986, is a 12,000 square foot facility located next to Elkhart Supply Corporation. We specialize in:

  • Production of custom designed wire harnesses made to customer specifications
  • Packaging, bagging, assembly, inspection
  • Injection and Insert molding capabilities
  • 3 lines fully capable of wire bonding (2 through 8 conductor) and  wire striping and respooling
  • Competitive prices and high level of quality

AI manufactures 7way cords of varying lengths, from 4 foot up to 25 foot, and offers the option of either SAE or UL cable as well as cords with double ends. Contact your AI representative for pricing for cords which require alternate wiring orientations 

A partial Equipment list includes  wire dejacketers and strippers, punch presses, heat sealers, scales, JSW165 Ton and JSW  110 Ton Injection Molders, 30 Ton Auto Jector Shuttle press, 75 ton Auto Jector Shuttle Press, 125 Ton Newburry Injection Molding Press, CNC, Metal Lathe, Grinders.

AI Manufacturing is located at 1130 Kent Street in Elkhart, Indiana. Call an AI representative at (574) 264-4455.