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PEX Lock is now available! Our best leak proof connection.

Flair-It Plumbing
Flair-It Plumbing

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7 Way Cords

Keep connected with our 7 Way Trailer Cable With Plug for use on all RV and boat trailers. Heavy duty UL/CSA approved cable. Available in many lengths. Select to see available lengths and pricing. 

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Elkhart Supply Corporation has been supplying and manufacturing wholesale plumbing, electrical and manufactured products since 1949. Our goal is customer satisfaction and customer support. Read more about the ESCO family.

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Quality Fittings

Elbows: Flair-It
$2.80 From $2.80 2
Swivel Elbows: Flair-It
$3.99 From $3.99 2
Male Elbows: Flair-It
$2.80 From $2.80 2
Elbows: EcoPoly Plastic
$0.55 From $0.55 2
Coupling: Flair-It
$2.56 From $2.56 2
Male Adapters: Flair-It
$2.33 From $2.33 2
Female Elbows: Flair-It
$3.81 From $3.81 2
Caps: Flair-It
$1.73 From $1.73 2
Elbows: BestPex
From $1.70 2
Elbows: PROBite
$8.40 From $8.40 2
Male Elbows: BestPex
$3.49 From $3.49 2
Couplings: PROBite
$7.41 From $7.41 2
Female Adapters: PROBite
$7.09 From $7.09 2
Male Adapters: PROBite
$6.00 From $6.00 2
Male Elbows: PROBite
$7.81 From $7.81 2
Sweat Elbows: BestPex
$2.19 From $2.19 2
Drop Ear Elbows: PROBite
$9.60 From $9.60 2
Female Elbows: PROBite
$8.04 From $8.04 2
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ESCO provides high quality products from Flair-it ®, the simplest and most reliable fitting connection. Just cut the tube, insert the fitting and tighten the nut. Tools are rarely needed. Contact our educated staff. We are more than happy to help you with your next project!


Flair-It fittings are the simplest and most reliable fittings on the market.



Flair-It Pro PEX Manifolds are field repairable, customizable and easy to use 8 to 36 port modular manifold systems.