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LBS48-16 ESCO Break Away Switch

breakaway switch



The switch is designed to operate only when the towed trailer separates from the towing vehicle. When this happens the lanyard cable pin is pulled out of the breakaway switch and the switch will close the circuit from the trailer battery to the brakes and put the brakes on.


For the breakaway switch to operate properly it is important that the trailer battery is sized to the brakes of the trailer, the terminals connections clean, the battery fully charged, and the switch is installed according to the following procedure. Please refer to wiring diagram.


1. Mount the breakaway switch on a horizontal plane as close to the hitch as possible. There should be no strain or obstacles interfering with the lanyard cable connected to the tow vehicle.  Make sure the tow vehicle can make sharp right and left turns without straining the lanyard cable.


2. The breakaway should be bolted to the trailer frame with minimum 1/4” bolt that will accept a 75 lb. pull on the switch and will allow the switch to swivel.


3. Wire the breakaway switch as in wiring diagram.


4. After the switch has been installed and wired in, pull the lanyard pin out of switch to make sure the brakes engage.  Push the pin back into the switch until the flange on the pin is flush with the switch body.  Be sure the brakes have released.


5. Do not let lanyard cable drag on the ground. Fasten the cable to the tow vehicle frame – Not on the safety chains or the tow ball.


6. Test the breakaway switch on a regular basis.  Make sure the lanyard cable is not damaged and the battery is fully charged and maintained.


7. When testing the switch, disconnect trailer cord from the tow vehicle. Pull the lanyard pin out of the switch.  This will take approximately 20 lbs. of pulling force. You should hear the brakes engage. Double check by moving the tow vehicle forward, making sure the brakes are locked and operating properly.


8. When testing is completed, re-insert the pin so it is flush with the switch body and the trailer brakes release. Reconnect the trailer cord to the tow vehicle.


9.  DO NOT - UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES - use the breakaway switch as a parking brake for the trailer !  Doing so will cause the breakaway switch to melt and automatically void any warranty claim !


LBS48-16 Breakaway Diagram - English
JPG Image 42.1 KB
LBS48-16 Breakaway Diagram - Spanish
JPG Image 42.1 KB
LBS48-16 Breakaway Diagram - French
JPG Image 42.1 KB